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Friday, 15 July 2011

Pamukkale - The Cotton Castle

Come, let us contemplate the sparkling magic of the Cotton Castle for a while.

Here, clear waters dance on white clay.

The walls are dazzling in the sunlight.

From this great height, the daydream glides over a surreal landscape.

Where natural baths spill their precious waters in giggles across my feet.

As I edge my way along, I wonder who's ancient path I tread on.

Our adventure took us to the staggering terraces of Pamukkale, known also as "The Cotton Castle". This natural phenomenon of dazzling white travertines is the creation of calcium carbonate deposits and thermal waters.

In the ancient world, Pamukkale was known as Hierapolis. Here the acropolis was established alongside the traverites in the 2nd century BC by the Pergam King Eumenes II. This fascinating complex was declared a World Heritage site in 1988.

Travel notes:

The journey from Fethiye took 3 hours each way in a comfortable small coach. It may seem too long for many but Pamukkale is the only place like this in the world so for us it was 100% worth the little road trip. The coach makes enough stops along the way to make you feel comfortable and there is a lot to take in, in terms of views on the journey.

I would reccommend booking your trip with
Pioneer Travel the trip cost us £30.00 each and that included entry fees, a buffet breakfast and a delicious buffet lunch (drinks must be paid for seperately) which I thought was extremely good value.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Worshipblues' Irregular Suggestions : Paris

By special request I bring you my favourite things to do in Paris. I hope that it encourages you to look deeper into the quirks of this fascinating city.

Wander with your eyes wide open.

Light a candle in Notre Dame.

Walk along the banks of the timeless Seine and peep at the old posters, books and magazines rife with vintage feel.

Pack a lock and leave your romantic mark on Ponte des Artes. It might not be legal so don't get caught and if you do, don't blame me!

Try and find Nicolas Flamel's house. Even if you are not a Harry Potter fan, the curious history of this fellow sparks imagination. Also, I never managed to take a photo of it, so, would love to have of you happen to stumble across it. Here are a few clues to help you on your way.

If you are in Paris at the weekend then a trip to the Flea market in Clignancourt is a must a truly quirky sight to behold. It is full of atmosphere. See here for more information: Clignancourt Market.

Walk around Paris at night. Paris is a city that glows beautifully at night. The Louvre is a wonderful sight against the darkness and if you can just about see the Eiffel Tower from there. At midnight the entire tower lights up with a zillion lights.

Visit Le Saint Chapelle for a truly moving light experience. Listed on Speirs + Major's top 10 lighting experiences. See the web article here.

Stop for tea at Mariage Freres and have a little nosey through their shop. Such a selection of superior teas you will not find anywhere else so do not leave empty handed!

Mariage Freres
30 rue Bourg Tibourg

Visit the Jardin Tropicale that I wrote about in depth here and don't forget your camera and your nerves. While you are there why not stroll through the rest of the Bois de Vincennes?

Get lost in Paris' back streets. Wander though Le Marais and when you get to the Jewish Quarter, you must try some falafels!

Pay attention to Paris' doors. This is a lesser celebrated marvel of Paris. The doors here are wonderful and if you catch someone leaving or returning, it's always worth taking a sneaky glance through the gap! You will see what I mean!

Take a look at the many modern architectural wonders of Paris. I really enjoyed visiting the Institute du Monde Arabe.

Find a vantage point and look down on the city. You can do this from the Institute de Mode Arabe for free!

Eat! Eat! Eat! Bread, sumptuous meals, fancy patisserie. Try it all!

Do let me know if you use my little list. I would be bowled over to know if you found any of my suggestions useful or interesting.

Thank you Jian for requesting this. I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this post together.